Comment from the Ambassador
Isabelle D'Imperio

There are clear incentives to helping vulnerable populations increase literacy levels as well as promoting the importance of health, nutrition and water management. The project is still working well despite the pandemic. During the lock down which began in March 2020, Sipar had to suspend all its itinerant activities (mobile libraries, factory and prison activities, support through Youth Clubs, etc.). It resumed the mobile libraries in June to provide support to children as their schools remained closed.

Thanks to loyal donators, Sipar was able to maintain all its programmes during this period.

As a reminder, Cambodia has yet to attribute any deaths within the country to Covid19.


This project targets brickyard workers’ families in the suburbs of Phnom Penh. There are three levels of project activities: 1) a weekly mobile library for children, which offers animations around books as well as book lending to children and adults; 2) educational tutoring activities in collaboration with local primary schools; and 3) a monthly “health” mobile library that offers a health, nutrition and hygiene awareness campaign for children and adults.

Based essentially on developing reading and fighting against illiteracy, SIPAR has been working since 1982 in all of Cambodia’s regions with one unique objective: make books an educational lever, transport them and make them accessible to the most underprivileged populations

Impact / Main indicators

• Bibliobus visits to four suburban villages twice a week
• Beneficiaries: 540 people, including 142 children who do not attend school

Project sponsors

Local partner

SIPAR Phnom Penh