Comment from the Ambassador
Astrid Delanoë

Mental health issues can affect anyone, anytime, and creates critical situations on a personal and family level. To move forward, societal and financial measures are a necessary complement to personal involvement. It is inspiring to contribute to the spread of this methodology, which has been accelerated thanks to The Comgest Foundation’s support. This is particularly touching after witnessing the tangible and positive achievements implemented over the past few months and the good energy developed to achieve them.

The road is long and winding but the foundations are solid, and it is extremely encouraging for Clubhouse France and myself, on a personal level, to see that Comgest believes in and is contributing in such a tangible way to such a project!


The Comgest Foundation supported the opening of a new Clubhouse location for mental health support in Lyon.

Clubhouse France Association accompanies people made vulnerable by serious and chronic mental disorders (bipolar, schizophrenia, severe depression) to improve their quality of life, autonomy and consequently, the life of their families and others who assist them. Clubhouse’s purpose is to provide a personalised individual support to their members thanks to mutual aid and cooperation between the different actors (medical staff, beneficiaries, Clubhouse) with a goal to of professional and social reintegration.

Impact / Main indicators

• November 2017: Recruitment in Lyon of a person in charge of co-management and social reintegration
• Number of beneficiary members: approx. 40 (end Sept. 2018)
• 10 workshops were organized in collaboration with Clubhouse beneficiary members
• Psychological and social support
• Professional and social reintegration rate objective: 30%

Project sponsors

Clubhouse France