Comment from the Ambassador
Abla Bellakhdar

As this was one of the biggest purchases ever undertaken by the association and as taxes associated with the purchase were substantial (VAT roughly equivalent to 10k€ vs total bus cost ex VAT of 48k€), the association changed its legal status which led to the obtention of the approval from the Health Ministry to get VAT exemption. This VAT exemption is an indirect impact led by this project and that will lead to long lasting savings. The tax exemption, together with the proceeds from the sale of the old mini-bus, means that our contribution to the project (by far the largest part) has allowed la Maison de l’Avenir to fully fund the mini-bus. The acquisition of the mini-bus has helped the association to reduce substantially the operating costs related to the transportation of families, the CO2 emissions and led in top of that, and most importantly, to the improvement of the commuting conditions and safety conditions of the patients who return from their hospital treatment extremely tired. I saw the mini-bus at the beginning of January 2020 a few days after they received it, adorned with the Comgest foundation logo. I must say I felt proud to have the support of the TCF for this association -that I highly regard- and this project, especially given its various social, economic and environmental benefits.


Two years ago, The Comgest Foundation contributed to improve, in a sustainable manner, the living conditions at the Maison L’Avenir, a house that welcomes families with sick children (this included undertaking repairs to the home such as the installation of photovoltaic solar panels and a solar water heater as well as fixing the plumbing for couple of rooms) The objective of this second phase of the partnership with Maison de l’Avenir is to purchase a large mini-bus with 23 seats to help families/children commuting from the hospital to Maison de l’Avenir. This new vehicle will reduce the fatigue of the children and their families as well as fuel consumption and related costs. The association L’Avenir supports children with cancer and their families by providing social and psychological support.

Impact / Main indicators

• Number of beneficiaries/trips: several hundred per year
• Reduction in fuel consumption
• Reduction in operating costs (lower maintenance costs, reduced fuel costs)
• Better living conditions for the families enable them to focus all their energy on supporting and accompanying their sick child.

Project sponsors

(Groupe Franco-Africain d’Oncologie pédiatrique)

Local partner

Association L’Avenir, Rabat, Morocco