Comment from the Ambassador
Walif El-Hitti

Just like the rest of the world, Lebanon was severely impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. Thus, the project suffered extensive delays. As such, the consecutive lockdowns and curfews further delayed the launch phase. However, the situation seems to be stabilizing again and the vaccination process has started in the country, slowly, yet steadily.

All the training material has been updated. The first two trainings are now on track as an agreement was reached with two villages (Souwaneh – South Region and Ayn Dara – Chouf Region) and the recruitment of the participants will start early May. We are aiming for the actual training to begin between mid-May and early June 2021.


The purpose of the project is to train 60 self-employed caregivers to support elderly people in their daily activities across 3 different Lebanese regions. The direct beneficiaries of this project will be not only the 60 women who will receive the one-month training course, enabling them to develop income generating activities but also the hundreds of elderly people who will be indirect beneficiaries.

Training sessions will include medical and first aid training, communication with elderly, emotional behaviour, physical care, special food techniques.

Moubadarat Wa Kararat Association will organize and implement these training sessions. Created in 2016, the association aims to improve development, advocacy, and leadership in Lebanese society and especially the empowerment of women.

Impact / Main indicators

An impact assessment is not yet possible. Expected results include:

• Creation and performance of training sessions for the 60 women who will be selected during the first phase of the project

• Increase in livelihood skills of Lebanese women • Creation of a group of professional caregivers who will provide a welcomed solution to a daily challenging problem for families

Project sponsors

Moubadarat Wa Kararat Association – Lebanon