Comment from the Ambassador
Arnaud Cosserat

Since the works have been completed, the Santa Ana Center has found its stride back.

But life at El Negrito is also full of unexpected and difficult situations.
The entire medical team is back, the nursing staff being very loyal to the Center for years.

Santa Ana takes care of severe undernutrition children under the direction of Ondina, a Honduran sister who replaced Leonila few years ago.

Each quarter, the associations Amiguitos and Bailando Juntos receive financial accounts as well as a document showing the visible transformation of the children between their entry and departure of Santa Ana. An average of 20 children are cured over a period of several weeks or months.
Early 2018, it has been decided to hire a social worker to raise awareness about balanced nutrition in remote mountain areas.


The purpose of this project is to fight against severe child undernutrition in Santa Ana specialised center.  Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Central America, torn apart street gangs and drug dealers’ mafias.  This violence in the Honduran society favors extreme vulnerability of certain populations.

Undernourished children are welcomed at this hospital for few weeks to few months, sometimes more than one year, depending on the severity of the undernutrition. They are looked after by a multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, social assistants and aides.  Approximately 70 children are welcomed each year.

Beyond food emergency, the project also provides support for families, often isolated mothers.

Impact / Main indicators

Improvement of the physical and mental
development of malnourished children.
Social support to mothers, often isolated.

Project sponsors

Association Amiguitos and Association Bailando

Local partner

Nutritional Center of Santa Ana, El Negrito region,