The Comgest Foundation is an endowment fund created to better organize and coordinate the philanthropic initiatives within the Comgest Group while enhancing their coherence with its values: partnership, quality, integrity, courage and care.

The purpose of the endowment fund is to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of populations, notably:
• By promoting education and economic empowerment of vulnerable people,
• By supporting projects in the fields of disability and health,
• By contributing to the protection of the environment

The Comgest Foundation wishes to make a tangible contribution to the improvement of the living conditions of populations (« make a difference ») and encourages projects with significative impacts. Projects must be consistent with Comgest’s values : partnership, quality, integrity, courage, care. The project implementation must not contravene these values and, if possible, must promote them. A great transparency on the project and its implementation is required. The project must be presented and monitored by an Ambassador from the Comgest Group who will support the project at all its stages and will report its progress and results to the Foundation.