Comment from the Ambassador
Justin Streeter

I have been mentoring Elyjah, a 19-year-old student, at a preparation school for the Ecole Normale Supérieure + Sorbonne, since 2017. We meet approximately every 6 weeks to discuss her studies, potential internships and any queries. I hope to be able to motivate her to persevere, select good internships as well as share perspective on the work world. This summer, Elyiah secured an internship at Doctolib, after having hesitated for an alternative short-term contract at a retail bank – which I didn’t recommend. She has also taken evening classes in a start-up incubator. These are nice first experiences to have on a resume.

Article 1 accelerates the learning curve for high-potential students and allows mentors to offer their feedback. During an Article 1 conference, I also met Ubuntu, civic debate association in which I participate, which is chaired by a former Article 1 mentee from Science Po Paris.


This project involves a young adult mentoring program that supports them as they further their education and embark on their future careers. Article 1 has developed a very thorough mentoring program (accompanying more than 12,000 young adults each year). To scale up this mentoring program, Article 1 would like to expand its matching platform to French universities. The objective would be to reach 24,000 potential users at the end of 2018 and 200,000 at the end of 2020.

Article 1 fights for equal opportunity by supporting high-achieving students of all backgrounds (social, economic and cultural), with an emphasis on recipients of state scholarships, and with a strong motivation (selection by application and interview). Article 1 helps talented students to find a mentor who will help them to choose and build their future with confidence and ambition.

Impact / Main indicators

An impact assessment is not yet possible. Current main indicators include:
• Delivery of the algorithm and matching CRM
to the public
• Number of universities covered
• Number of potential users
• Number of effective users

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