Charlotte Famin

Comment from the Ambassador
Inès Régiment

Charlotte had a busy year of tournaments that allowed her to play with many top-ranked players – excellent preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games. One success included becoming the French champion for the 6th time in June 2018. It is important to note that this year has been difficult for Charlotte because of two cases of shoulder tendinitis. Despite the pain, she never gave up. These injuries caused her to drop a few positions in the rankings, but she never lost her ambition or her will to progress. Today, thanks to a forced rest and a lot of physical therapy, she has resumed her training, working hard to be stronger in 2019 – the pre-Paralympic and most important year. She is now back at her best skill level during training sessions and cannot wait to prove her competitor’s skills beginning in March 2019.

Charlotte’s results this year are quite satisfactory and there is still a long way to go until Tokyo! We can be proud of her because, despite her injuries, she succeeded in reaching the World Top 10 (ranked 9th) among doubles players. She is on the right path!


Charlotte’s objective is to reach the World Top 8 to be a seeded player at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games.

Charlotte Famin was injured ten years ago and began playing tennis again three years later. She was ranked 15th in the world among wheelchair tennis players when her project was presented to The Comgest Foundation.

The support granted by The Comgest Foundation will allow Charlotte to travel and pay registration fees for the tournaments included in her preparation program for the Paralympic Games. In addition, she takes part in awareness campaigns regarding sport practice with disabilities for young people.

Impact / Main indicators

• Advancement in world ranking: Charlotte now
ranks 9th in doubles wheelchair tennis.

Project sponsors

Tennis Club de Riva Bella