Diaspora du Hambol

Comment from the Ambassador
Pé Touré

The two hydraulic pumps were installed by an experienced and specialised company in a timely manner. As Ambassador, I was informed of all the project steps. A water tower powered by photovoltaic solar panels has been built and connected toone hydraulic pump, and the corresponding expenses were paid by the Diaspora du Hambol. This demonstrates the association’s commitment to helping local populations in their everyday life. On the day of the inauguration, all the villagers gathered to celebrate the arrival of fresh drinking water!


This project is to install two hydraulic pumps for fresh water. A local association of community leaders would be in charge of maintenance. Hopefully, these pumps will be connected to water towers using the power of photovoltaic solar panels.

The Hambol region, situated in the North of the Ivory Coast, suffers from a long dry season and has been quite neglected by national infrastructure programs. Consequently, basic needs such as a fresh water supply are not fully met. In Badikara, 10,000 inhabitants face severe difficulties in obtaining drinking water.

In addition, in a society where women are generally in charge of the water supply, amongst many other domestic duties and field work, hydraulic pumps save time and provide a major relief in their lives because they don’t have to transport water basins over long distances, after having manually drawn water from wells.

Impact / Main indicators

• Installation of 2 hydraulic pumps
in mid-January 2019
• Easily accessible, good quality water
directly from groundwater
• Approximately 1,500 users
• No operational issues

Project sponsors

Diaspora du Hambol

Local partner

Association des Ressortissants de
la Sous-Préfecture de Badikara