Comment from the Ambassador
Adam Hakkou

My wife and I have been helping the Eurasian Association as befrienders. We regularly pay visits to an underprivileged elderly man who is living alone and has health and mobility issues. This man is an example of the vulnerable elderly people whom we are trying to help. Our project to spruce up their homes will definitely help to improve their living conditions. Befrienders are very often the only people who set aside time and effort for these elderly people and we hope that by doing our part, we can help brighten up their lives.

I would like to sincerely thank the Comgest Foundation for their support, as I believe this project can really make a difference


The purpose of this project is to help vulnerable and isolated elderly members of the Eurasian population in Singapore by breaking their isolation and improving their living conditions. Singapore is one of the richest nations on a GDP/Capita basis. However, the welfare state is not as advanced as in Europe. In particular, elderly people who have not contributed significantly to the retirement system over their lifetime, tend to struggle. In the melting pot of different ethnicities in Singapore, Eurasians are clearly a minority and more needs to be done for the less privileged in this small community.

The Eurasian Association has a long history of serving the interests of the Eurasian community in Singapore since its creation in 1919. The association provides services for the community in three key areas: Educational Advancement, Family Support Services and Community Development.

The project aims to spruce up and spring clean the homes of 25 disadvantaged Eurasian families living in Singapore. Given their old age, poor health and frequent mobility issues, they are often unable to maintain good hygiene levels in their flats. These poor living conditions can have a negative impact on both their mental and physical health

Impact / Main indicators

An impact assessment is not yet possible. Expected results include:

• Decrease in social isolation
• Improvement of the physical and mental condition of the

Project sponsors

Eurasian Association – Singapore