Comment from the Ambassador
Didier Darré

We are proud to have helped 1,000 children attend school by financing their school canteen.

Francine Langlet and Sébastien Layral (co-founder and chairman of the association respectively) returned from another trip to Madagascar where the situation is as difficult as ever. The Covid crisis has hit Madagascar severely, impacting an already very vulnerable population and disrupting food supply logistics. The local branches that they work with are increasingly in demand by vulnerable local people and helping them remains Fazasoma’s priority. The association’s commitment to the Ambositra region also allows them to help tuberculosis and leprosis patients as well as prisoners. A new gardening project, “le resto des p’tits cœurs” (restaurant of the little ones), will start on a field which has been loaned to the organisation so that children can be introduced to gardening and the importance of a healthy diet. Fazasoma will increase fundraising efforts to find new regular donors because they are aware that without the generosity of Comgest and other patrons, they could not pursue activities in Madagascar


The project to be financed is two-fold: 1) support children’s education in the Ambositra region by financing school canteens which improve – and sometimes determine – school attendance, and 2) conduct important repairs to one of the shelters for the most vulnerable (isolated women, elderly people, students),

Since its creation in 1999, the mission of Fazasoma France has been to support the most vulnerable people in the province of Fianarantsoa by managing shelters/homes, financing school canteens and providing school supplies, as well as developing income-generating activities.

Impact / Main indicators

• Over 1,000 children in 10 schools served meals in school canteens.
• Repairs to a shelter (roof, masonry, etc.)

Project sponsors

Fazasoma France

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