Comment from the Ambassador
Frédérique Darré

After reading the detailed report sent by the CAMI (available upon request) and Gustave Roussy, I became even more aware of the necessity of physical activity to help young adults and teenagers to tolerate, and even improve, the treatment proposed by traditional medicine. To improve the quality of life of young patients and help them to better heal is very important to me and, in my view, aligns well with The Comgest Foundation’s approach which supports concrete and pragmatic action in favour of vulnerable people. It would be constructive to continue to help these young patients in the coming years. I would like to warmly thank The Comgest Foundation for agreeing to support this project.


This project uses sports therapy to help approx. 100 teenagers or young adults, hospitalised in the oncology department at Gustave Roussy. Physical activity is the only validated treatment against fatigue in oncology, as it decreases the side effects of treatments, allows for re-appropriation of the body, improves the quality of life, breaks isolation, eases social bonds, and allows feeling pleasure despite hospitalisation.

Imagine for Margo aims to accelerate childhood cancer research in Europe in order to cure more children and teenagers. The association focuses on four activities: 1) speeding up research; 2) raising awareness about childhood cancer; 3) fundraising; and 4) improve children/teenagers’ wellbeing. To implement the last goal, Imagine for Margo partners with hospitals and specialised associations such as CAMI Sport & Cancer to create these projects. This project offers individual or collective sports therapy sessions and tailors them to the capacities, needs and desires of patients.

Impact / Main indicators

An impact assessment is not yet possible. Objectives:
• Number of participants
• Improvement of the participants’ well-being

Project sponsors

Imagine for Margo (, in
collaboration with Gustave Roussy Hospital and
CAMI Sport & Cancer (project manager)