Comment from the Ambassador
Dieter Wimmer

The mini-van is crucial to transport the members of Karl Schubert Haus from their homes to the workshops and increases their autonomy and dignity.

Das Karl Schubert Haus is still developing content and education programs for its residents. Last year, 2 people achieved the status of “self-responsibility” and plan to work outside the house in an apprenticeship. The next step for Das Karl Schubert Haus will be the reconstruction of their old farmhouse to have a store and place to sell for handmade products.


This project involves the purchase of 1 minivan, so that Das Karl Schubert Haus can expand their pool of electric cars.

Das Karl Schubert Haus is a non-profit organization that welcomes approximately 120 residents (people with disabilities) and 150 co-workers in 9 residential buildings as well as workshops (e.g., bakery, canteen kitchen, coffeehouse, theatre, herbal workshop, blacksmith’s workshop, etc.). They believe in five core values: dignity, autonomy, right to diversity, freedom from discrimination, and inclusion. Living independently is an important aspect for personal dignity, especially in rural areas. The use of cars allows Karl Schubert Haus residents to be more autonomous, independent and even more involved in the activities of the organisation. In addition, electric cars reduce the impact on the environment.

Impact / Main indicators

• Purchase of an electric mini-van delivered in
March 2019

Project sponsors

Das Karl Schubert Haus