Comment from the Ambassador
Sébastien Thévoux-Chabuel

2020 was a testing year for all of us. It showed how necessary the work of some can be for the ones who need it the most. Those who contributed to this project were able to bring to the forefront their dedication and their ability to adapt to the unexpected and hardness of our times. From that regard, Passerelles Numériques passed the test of our times by dispatching and redeploying its resources with ingenuity in order to fulfil its mission: teaching a job to the those whose future work will have the most impact on their communities. Experiencing a health and economic crisis of epic proportions means the most vulnerable bear the greatest cost. And even if some delays occurred in the delivery of the training and the ability to provide diplomas, its mission prevailed and succeeded.


This project finances two years of school for 10 students in Cambodia.

Passerelles Numériques (PN) enables very vulnerable teenagers to access education and technical/professional training in the digital sector, based on their natural abilities and commitment.

PN aims to build the employability of these teenagers, which will allow them and their families to get out of poverty in a sustainable manner, and more broadly to help the socio-economic development of Cambodia.

Impact / Main indicators

An impact assessment is not yet possible. Objectives:
• Exam pass rate from 1st to 2nd year = 95%
• Final exam success rate in 2nd year = 95%
• Graduation rate and employment rate = 90%
• Promotion of both boys and girls
• Maintenance/increase of average salary (postgraduation): In 2016: 149 USD/month, 3 months after graduation; and 300 USD/month after 3 years (approx. five times the national salary average)
• Economic support to their community
• Mentoring of other students

Project sponsors

Passerelles Numériques

Local partner

Passerelles Numériques Cambodge