Comment from the Ambassador
Lavinia Borcia

This project is completed, with the temple now being on the tourist path and welcoming visitors. Tundup Namgial, a monk of the Gasha family, now takes care of the material and spiritual maintenance of the temple. Local craftsmen, Yangchen Dolma, Kelsang Angmo Tamang, Skarma Lotus and Tenzing Norgay have continued their training while receiving remuneration.


This project’s objective is to restore a temple in an isolated village of the Phyang Valley, which is currently off the beaten track in terms of tourism. The restoration process includes training local craftsmen in reviving traditional construction to create income-generating activities for the vulnerable communities in this poor region. Restoring the temple and the religious life of this village creates tourist activities that will generate revenue over the long term for the community. In addition, the local craftsmen and construction workers as well as local and international art students receive quality vocational training. The main mission of the Tibet Heritage Fund is to rehabilitate and restore traditional settlements and historic monuments in Tibet. But this mission fits into a global approach of transmission of skills and competences as well as development of incomegenerating activities.

Impact / Main indicators

• Increased tourism
• 4 trained craftsmen

Project sponsors

Tibet Heritage Fund (Germany)

Local partner

Tibet Heritage Fund