Cavite, The Philippines


Eau & Vie is a French NGO founded in 2008 by Philippe de Roux with the objective of providing access to clean water in the shanty towns of the Philippines.
By nature, shanty towns are not connected to the water supply network which means that the inhabitants do not have access to clean water or, when they do, it is through expensive deliveries. Eau & Vie, in agreement with the local utility, connects the dwellings of the shanty town directly to the water supply network and collects and transfers the payments to the utility. Eau & Vie is also involved in a number of local projects, such as fire-fighting training, improved menstrual hygiene and solid waste management.
The impacts of the project on the inhabitants are multiple: 20% reduction of water expenses which currently represent about 33% of the inhabitants’ monthly income, improvement of economic inclusion as invoices received from Eau & Vie can be used to gain access to basic resources or bank loans, reduction of the time spent fetching water (by women and children), reduction of the risk of expropriation, 80% reduction of the fire risk.
The Comgest Foundation has decided to support access to clean water access for the community of Cavite.


• 1,250 individuals = 250 households in urban poor communities in Cavite have access to running water at home
• 90 women/girls have increased awareness on menstrual hygiene practices and access to sustainable menstrual kit
• 180 inhabitants have increased awareness and general hygiene practices as well as hygiene kits
• 300 inhabitants have better understanding of solid waste management practices. 3,000 kilos of waste collected and properly managed by the community
• 3 500 inhabitants have improved protection against fire and emergencies


Eau & Vie – http://www.eauetvie.fr


Eau & Vie, The Philippines


Project selected in September 2022
Duration: 2 years


The Comgest Foundation


Alistair Wittet

The project began in November 2022 and by end March 2023 1476 people in 295 households had been connected to water, ahead of the initial plan.
In total over 80% of the inhabitants of the shanty town chose to be connected to the water supply, underscoring the extent of the unmet need. I visited the shanty town in question in March 2023 and was struck by the extent to which having running water in their homes was not just practical, but also a source of pride and dignity for the inhabitants. I was also immensely impressed by the professionalism of Eau et Vie and the enthusiasm with which they approached their mission.