Sabrina Poignet

Comment from the Ambassador
Isabelle d'Imperio

The Comgest Group, either directly or through The Comgest Foundation, has been supporting Sabrina for the past 12 years, since her preparation for the Beijing Paralympic Games in 2008. It is very difficult for disabled athletes to find sponsors to live their passion and Sabrina is fully aware that our longterm support is a great chance for her. She is traveling around the world to take part in tournaments during this last year of preparation and selection. Sabrina gives everything she’s got, despite growing competition (more competitors and many young competitors).


This project will enable Sabrina to travel and pay registration fees for the tournaments included in her preparation program for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games.

Sabrina was a young soldier when she had a serious car accident on a mission in 2002 and had both legs amputated. After more than 20 months of intensive rehabilitation, she joined the Sport Circle of the national institution for the disabled, where she discovered fencing. In 2005, she is selected for the French national team and in 2016, she ranked 12th in the world. In June 2018, Sabrina won gold medals for sabre and epee fencing at the French Championships.

In addition to fencing, Sabrina shares her experience at hospitals for sick children and at nursing schools, as well as at primary, middle and high schools.

Impact / Main indicators

• World ranking
• Qualification for 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games

Project sponsors

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